Success Through Marketing.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Tonkin (Managing Director)

Daniel Tonkin.

With a background in engineering, sales was not an industry that Daniel anticipated he would enter. However he would soon grow a sincere passion and enthusiasm for the business, taking only one year to reach to Managing Director, followed with a move to Sydney setting up STM International. Throughout his experience in the business, Daniel has understood the direct sales model and has gone from strength to strength within the business, leading one of the most successful companies in the Division.

Daniel had similar struggles to most people starting in the sales industry, trying to understand the reasons he joined and what motivated him to take up the opportunity. "I often contemplated whether the grass was greener on the other side, but I began to do better once I concentrated on my opportunities," said Daniel. "My greatest challenge was simply making the decision to stick to what I was doing."

"Success is saying what you're going to do, even if the feeling has surpassed. There will be tough times, but it's pushing through those struggles that will launch you into success within this business."

My Story

Rory Dixon (Sales & Marketing Manager)

Rory Dixon.

Like many in the business, Rory graduated from university with the aspiration of entering the workforce rapidly to build his career. But with the opportunities at the time in the United Kingdom being scarce, Rory instead decided to pack his bags in search of something new in Australia. Landing in Sydney he stumbled across an opportunity offered with STM International, and has since flourished into a tenacious Sales & Marketing Manager.

"When I first started in the business, I used to take great pride in doing great sales and setting the pace," says Rory. "But since taking the next step into leadership I now take greater pride in seeing the team accomplish their goals."

"To be successful in this business you need a really strong work ethic. Looking at Directors such as Daniel Tonkin has definitely inspired me, particularly seeing the success that comes from the determination to hit goals and setting the pace everyday"

Marco Pin

Marco Pin.

The Italian Stallion. Marco is a Sydney native who moved to Italy shortly after graduating from University. He wanted to go back to find his roots in Italy and ended up teaching English in Bologna, a town known for its pasta. After two years he came to the conclusion that he loved helping people. The best opportunity was always going to be back in Australia. Marco has experience in the field with multiple campaigns and has made him a specialist across the board. Ever since he started in 2015, he has shown outstanding support in the administrative, sales, coaching and mentoring processes.

“My time working in the industry has been full of steep learning curves…and I could not be more grateful for them. Through STM, I have grown a lot in my business life and have seen that extend to my personal life as well. I have no doubt that this development has been in large part to the people around me and I am thankful that I embarked upon and continued on this journey.”